Help for Anxiety or Depression

Combining clinical and artistic perspectives, Hazal Selçuk offers a fresh, creative approach and practical tools for working through depression and anxiety.

Depression and anxiety can feel overwhelming, leaving us with a sense of helplessness, feeling stuck and wondering if there will ever be light at the end of the tunnel.

In her book A Light in the Tunnel — Finding Your Way Through Depression and Anxiety Hazal turns this metaphor around and guides you to discover untapped inner resources and tools to get unstuck and transform the darkness — to bring light into the tunnel.

What you’ll get in this book are self-help methods for working with anxiety and depression based on current psychotherapy, neuroscience, and mindfulness practices. In addition, Hazal will help you tap into the healing power of somatic psychology and the creative arts.

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Going beyond the standard cognitive methodologies to work with depression and anxiety, Hazal takes a holistic approach that integrates right-brain creative ways of shifting and transforming emotional states.

With a fresh approach to the subject, she integrates somatic and artistic perspectives to work with anxiety or depression as energetic states that can be transformed with creativity and self-expression.

You do not have to be an artist to benefit from the healing the process of artmaking. With her own deep experience as a performing artist, Hazal shows you how to access the healing inherent in how art can transform us. She guides you to tap into that for your own self-transformation.

Building on her integrative approach, Hazal offers a 21-Day Program for Anxiety and Depression where you will get her daily guidance to help shift out of the stuck states of anxiety or depression.

In this program you will have access to twenty-one online guided audio exercises, each about 20 minutes in length on average. Each exercise is designed to give you the experience of transforming your inner emotional state with tools that you can use again to keep moving forward.

21-Günlük depresyon ve Anksiyete ile Çalışma Programı

Hazal Selçuk Rehberliğinde 21 Alıştırma
20 Dakika (ortalama)
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“As a movement and creative arts therapist, Hazal Selçuk has developed innovative ways to treat anxiety and depression. And these techniques really work.

“The key to their success is that she approaches therapy as a creative process — where you enter a creative state of mind and follow the energy until closure is reached and you can integrate what you have experienced.

“As Hazal clearly shows, you can use this approach to heal yourself.”

— Susan Campbell, Ph.D.
Author of Getting Real and From Triggered to Tranquil

“Modern psychotherapy offers help for depression and anxiety. Yet for centuries artists have transformed emotional anguish through their creativity. Hazal Selçuk combines the best of clinical and creative approaches into a powerful set of tools to transform inner suffering.

“Hazal presents a set of fresh understandings and creative exercises that go beyond the cognitive approach typical of therapy today. More than just thinking differently, she helps us creatively embody feelings, express, heal and transform them.

“Blending current somatic approaches to trauma healing with the right-brain expressive processes of artmaking, Hazal has created a powerful program. You don’t have to be an artist to benefit, just willing to explore the natural creativity we can all experience.”

— John Grey, Ph.D.
Author of Five-Minute Relationship Repair and Relationship Tools for Positive Change

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