Letting Go (into)

The work towards change is about cultivating awareness, connection, and choice.

Change may also require the willingness to let go, whether it is a perspective, an outdated habit, an old pattern, a life style, a relationship.

Letting go can be challenging. It may feel like death, something dear and valuable is slipping away forever. We may also find that letting go is dangerous, whatever it is that no longer serves us, might still have a secret grip as if our survival still depended on it.

Another way of letting go is when we are enchanted by the possibility of what we may want to take in. Even if it currently seems unrealistic or impossible. We may be able to let go into… hope… awareness… acceptance… forgiveness… grace… flow…art.

Letting go can be an incremental process of re-learning to trust. Learning to trust in oneself is learning to trust the universe. Letting go into may involve a process of deep listening to the voice of one’s own heart, thus an exchange with the heart of the universe.

Sometimes, only letting go into, eventually opens up space for something new to come in. This new thing could be a life course we are now called to attend, with more complex material, offering greater difficulty with a sense of greater purpose and meaning. Or we may not yet know the purpose and the meaning.

As we let go, a space opens up. As we stay long enough with that space, we’ll encounter what is next.
Letting go, will have an offering for us to receive. It is like the ever-changing seasons, where the tree lets go of its leaves into the fall and winter only to sprout new buds in the next season.

The hair lets go of its color, the body its perfect shape into experience and wisdom. The baby lets go of the womb into a new life. The bird lets go of the nest into the whole sky. The man lets go of revenge and receives respect from his children and grand children, the woman lets go of self-judgement and begins to realize what “perfect” means.

Resisting to let go, we may miss what awaits on the other side.

Nature has its own harmony.

Allowing ourselves to follow the cycle of letting go and receiving will expand our capacity to grow up with ease thus being a part of the ever-changing harmony.