Hazal specializes in working with couples and individuals around issues of relationship and connection. She helps clients identify personal dynamics that get in the way of authentic connection to oneself, to another and to life.

Hazal’s approach is informed by current neuroscience, attachment research and the arts as applied to how individuals relate to themselves in relationship to life, and how partners in intimate relationships can function securely and sustain lasting happiness and satisfaction.

Hazal has extensive training in somatic work, expressive arts and drama therapy. She brings warmth, creativity, embodiment, and playfulness into her work.

Her work with couples and individuals is based on the principle that we all want to be seen, heard and understood especially by the ones we love the most, and that we all want to express what is at the core of our being, authentically.

With Hazal’s help, many clients discover what’s really driving their distress boils down to a some very basic yet unspoken questions, like: “Do I matter?” “Am I valued?” “Can I be accepted just as I am?” “Can I depend on anyone?” “What is my real purpose?” or “How can I find my own inner sense of knowing?”

Hazal emphasizes personal awareness and insight which leads to a sense of power, agency, and choice. Her approach is holistic in that it recognizes the connection and inter-relatedness between body, mind, emotions, culture, and nature. Her work is designed to facilitate meaningful corrective emotional experiences.

Hazal draws from attachment theory, developmental psychology, somatic psychology, trauma-healing, psychodynamic psychotherapy, humanistic psychology, and the creative arts.