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Here are therapy services, self-help books and online programs that Hazal Selçuk offers. All therapy is currently being conducted virtually.

Self-Help Programs for Anxiety and Depression

In her book A Light in the Tunnel — Finding Your Way Through Depression and Anxiety Hazal presents innovative ways to work through anxiety or depression.

Offering a fresh approach to the subject, she integrates somatic and artistic perspectives to work with anxiety or depression as energetic states that can be transformed with creativity and self-expression.

Building on this successful integrative approach, Hazal also produced a 21-Day Program for Anxiety and Depression where you can experience her daily guidance to help you shift out of the stuck states of anxiety or depression.

Couples Therapy and Intensive Marriage Retreats

Hazal has mastered the art of working with couples. Her approach combines attachment theory, neuroscience, personality theory and trauma healing methodologies. She specializes in offering a powerful intensive program that gives couples a fast track to positive transformation.

In working with Hazal, you and your partner get practical, proven tools and principles that enable you to overcome reactive cycles and to maintain happiness and connection in a truly secure-functioning interdependent partnership.

Renew good feelings, emotional reconnection, hopefulness and confidence as a couple. Get effective communication tools and the keys for keeping your relationship solid and authentic. Repair past wounds, strengthen your connection and learn to collaborate well as a team on all matters. Equally important, increase your sense of play, creativity, shared joy and mutual engagement.

Healing Depression, Anxiety and Trauma

Hazal provides help to you that is informed by current somatic approaches — that is based on neuroscience and attachment theory — and that is designed to facilitate deep, positive rewiring in the brain and nervous system.

Work through anxiety or depression, heal past relationship wounds or traumas, and overcome negative beliefs and insecurities. Experience a safe space where curiosity fosters awareness, deep connection, integration, and new choices.

Whether you want to improve inner states and connections within yourself or learn to better connect and communicate with others, Hazal will guide you to expand beyond self-limiting patterns and learn to trust and express your authentic self.

Creative Arts Therapy and Somatic Movement Therapy

As well as being a psychotherapist, Hazal is also a performance artist with a Master of Fine Arts (MFA) in music, movement, and theater. Combining a broad artistic background with therapy has given Hazal a unique specialization that offers novel ways to help individuals overcome limiting patterns while expanding their self-expression and joyful sense of self.

In the process of integrating her diverse backgrounds, Hazal earned specialized credentials as a Registered Somatic Movement Educator and Therapist (RSME/T), a Registered Expressive Arts Therapist (REAT), and a Registered Drama Therapist (RDT).

Artistic expression deepens connection within yourself, to others, and to the world around you. The freedom art gives for expressing feelings creatively helps you to more deeply express yourself as an individual and as a spiritual being. It is transformative. You don’t need to be an artist, just to enjoy some form of art whether it’s music, dance, drawing, poetry or theater.