Here are just some of the messages and testimonials from people who worked with Hazal…

“I met Hazal at the clinic where she worked. I was looking for a therapist with complaints of anxiety and panic attacks. After a year of working with her, I decided to tell my psychiatrist that I no longer needed medication. She patiently helped me understand the sources of my fears. In doing so, she helped me find solid resources that kept me safe. At the end of each session with her, I experienced what peace felt like in my body and soul.”

“Hazal was instrumental to healing our marriage. Her guidance helped both of us get deeply in touch with our core feelings. She had a great healing energy and strong instinct about each of our personalities and needs. Thank you so much for giving us renewed connection in our marriage.”

“I worked with Hazal both in the context of family therapy and as an individual. As a family, we experienced  creative sessions where we could communicate openly with each other. Our children said that they could talk to us more easily after these sessions. Our individual work each time relaxed me physically, mentally, and emotionally, connecting me with aspects of myself that I hadn’t noticed before. On top of the therapy work, Hazal’s cultural diversity has been a very valuable resource for our family.”

“Our intensive with Hazal was amazing. I was skeptical at first, and my partner was actually ready to cancel! But we are both so glad we came because now we’re feeling hopeful again and back in love with each other. And we have learned the tools to stay connected. This has changed how we view each other, and I even experienced a shift in me in how I view myself, which is so positive.”

“My wife and I have tried multiple marriage therapists in our 14 years of marriage. Hazal has been the BEST by far. She was the most intuitive and positive healing therapist I’ve ever encountered in my life. I now feel truly healed from years of hurt, and I now feel like we have real, practical, holistic solutions to use in our day-to-day marriage problems. I highly recommend Hazal.”

“I thought the content of this program was far superior to any book or therapy I’ve ever experienced. Hazal’s calm and empathetic approach and energy created a safe environment for open communication. I’m grateful to have had the opportunity; my wife and I are very optimistic about our future together. Thank you for your wisdom!”

“This intensive program was soul food for our relationship!! From the simple way to understand attachment… to the tools we learned to repair, Hazal gave us infinite hope! I came in mad, hurt and not liking my partner. Doubtful a weekend would change much…. How wrong I was! I see the man I loved and a new person to care for! Thank you for the love medicine.”

“Our intensive proved to be an immensely beautiful experience, which provided very positive tools to repair crucial aspects of our relationship — through a sensible and thorough method. Hazal is an exceptional professional. We would recommend this retreat to any couple that needs guidance.”

“We were looking for ways out of our negative cycle — ways to move toward each other in the face of conflict — and this intensive program gave us those. Hazal’s very professional, calm and welcoming demeanor, comfort and ease with us as couples, all helped me feel comfortable in finding a way through what would otherwise have been tough territory.”

“I was really skeptical about the intensive program with Hazal. However, within the first five minutes, I knew we were in the right place. I now have hope for our marriage, our future, and it’s all because I have the tools and the step-by-step process to repair and prevent upsets. I highly recommend this program to couples that have tried everything and failed.”

“This exceeded all expectations. I didn’t expect to go home with such common sense practical tools to help our relationship. Hazal was amazing! The body of work, put together with a warm style was effective and compelling. I’m so happy to have done this and fully optimistic about our use of the techniques.”

“My wife and I are married 25 years and started couple therapy with Hazal since last year, our marriage has not only been renewed but has changed in significant ways. Hazal has shown us diverse, practical, and simple tools which we use today to elevate our partnership and which have helped us… find a path of understanding, respect, and emotional balance in our relationship.”

“Hazal’s intensive program provided us with tools and resources that restored our relationship. It provided hope to us that we can both be happy and secure with each other. We strongly recommend that any couple that wishes to improve their home life consider working with Hazal..”

“In all honesty, I didn’t know what to expect, and didn’t think our issues could be resolved in just three days. However, this weekend went way above my expectations. Hazal guided us in a very intuitive flow, and we came away with a much better understanding of what is really going on, and we got practical tools to keep working on this. Thank you for your wisdom and guidance!”