The Eagle and the Flying Deer

A deer who stopped speaking long time ago went to the riverside. She had wounds on her skin. She hoped that the water would heal the wounds. But the currents of the river took the deer to salty waters. Then they brought her to the sea of the whales. And the deer found herself lost on a foreign shore with white sand.

Big mountain. On top, an eagle!

The eagle flew down and took the deer on her back.

“What happened to your skin? You don’t speak at all? If you want I can teach you how to fly. You can see the whole island from above.”

The deer learned to fly as she stayed with the eagle for a long while.

One day she wrote to the eagle, “What is home? I lived on the riverside, now I live on the mountaintop. I walk, I swim, I fly. Where I come from, there were dragons. Fire came out of their mouths. The flames burnt my skin. Some dragons cut away my tongue and they chewed on it. I have no tongue. What is home?”

The eagle: “To heal your skin, go further towards the West. The doctor there will help you heal your skin. To heal your tongue go to the opposite direction. Look for the City of Peace. You will find home if you go towards the City of Peace. If any difficulties arise, call for bird of Anka. Loud. If you cannot call out loud, remember you are a flying deer.”

The deer went West and indeed found the doctor. After a long while the wounds on her skin started to heal and she decided to look for the City of Peace to heal her tongue. But first she wanted to visit the eagle to let her know about her decision. She arrived the shore with white sand, looked at the mountaintop. But she saw other birds carrying the dead body of her teacher.

“The eagle got very ill,” the birds spoke. “She wanted us to give you this present…” Birds gave an eagle feather to the deer.

The deer ran up and down. “Had I come a bit earlier I would have seen her one last time…”

She ran and ran and suddenly she remembered that she could fly. The deer flew and she felt the wings of her teacher supporting her stronger than ever. The birds and the flying deer brought the body of the teacher to the mountaintop. There were animals from everywhere. As the body of the eagle went into ashes the animals sang for all the young ones who are afraid of the unknown and all the eagles who pick them up to show the view from above.

The deer thought: “When I find my tongue in the City of Peace, I will also join the song.”