What Is an Authentic Heart?

An authentic heart bridges action and meaning while giving voice to the deepest parts of ourselves.

An authentic heart can tolerate messiness, chooses, decides, and follows through.

An authentic heart integrates us into the flow of life and lets us know we are living our purpose and gathers all parts of ourselves.

An authentic heart gives a deeper sense of belonging from the inside out and in relationship.

An authentic heart is loyal to embracing its truth and is capable of grounding in the midst of chaos.

An authentic heart is aware of the sound of its own beat and rhythm.

An authentic heart can let a range of feelings flow and connect to its force of regeneration and creativity.

An authentic heart is a conscious heart that opens to what it wants, moves away from what it doesn’t want, that reaches out, receives, gives, is aware of its armor and how it wants to rebel.

An authentic heart is the one that is curious as a newborn and knows like a wise elder about past and future, thus keeps planting seeds and re-flowers in the now.

When we put attention on our heart, it grows in authenticity.

When we put attention on another heart,  we then can recognize ourselves in the other.

An authentic heart recognizing itself in the other, through it, the other recognizes itself.